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Participate in Fundraising Events

This is a great way to give money that supports SCCS and have fun at the same time. Whether you're buying something at a live auction, eating a fabulous meal at the Spring Dinner or golfing with your friends, your financial gifts through our fundraising events make a difference.


Sponsor Fundraising Events

If you own a business (or work for a business with a marketing budget), consider sponsoring one of our many fundraising events. Each has many unique levels that allow for a wide range of monetary gifting.


Donate Online Right Now

SCCS has partnered with an organization called CanadaHelps that will accept your donation and send the money directly to SCCS. Please click on the Donate Now button below and you will be directed to their site where you can make your online donation.







Give to Our Endowment Fund

Strathroy Community Christian School (SCCS) accepts donations through the Christian School Foundation (CSF), which helps to ensure Christian education for future generations at a number of Christian schools, including our own. The Foundation is a long-term solution to the problems of rising costs and rising tuition fees.


The full amount of your gift is permanently invested in the endowment fund for SCCS and will never be spent. Thus, the interest earned on your gift will continue to support SCCS forever.


You can donate to the CSF endowment fund for SCCS online with your credit card. Simply click on the logo:




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