English as a Second Language (ESL)
Bridging Cultures


Why study English at Strathroy Community Christian School in Ontario, Canada?


  • Christ-centred, quality education for students JK–8


  • Full English immersion in school with experienced teachers


  • Students may enroll at any time and determine their length of stay


  • We recognize that our students are mutually enriched when they participate together in social, educational, recreational and cultural activities.


  • Our teachers and support staff understand the needs of our international students and know that they often require help adjusting to life in a new country


  • Many community extra-curricular activities that provide additional opportunities for international students to socialize with Canadian students to build cross-cultural understanding and further language development


  • True Canadian experience in a rural setting, yet very close to the city


  •  Accessible adult ESL and student tutoring


  • Superior English Second Language program custom-designed to help encourage international students to find success in the classrooms

Goals of our ESL Program


  • Language acquisition is more than just vocabulary and language rules. It requires a relevant and supportive environment where students feel engaged and involved in the learning process


  • Build confidence in each student so they are willing to take risks and participate successfully within their classrooms


  • Introduce vocabulary and concepts through activities, games and conversations in one to one and group situations


  • ESL is conversation driven as conversation is language at work.


  • Develop the students' skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening


  • Advocate for students in the classroom and collaborate with teachers to provide an optimal learning environment


  • Work as a liaison between school and family to ensure good communication and understanding.


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