Based on Biblical Teaching


The Strathroy Community Christian School Society's Board of Directors has been entrusted with the responsibility of having the instructional program follow a carefully planned course of study, which reflects the principles of Christian education. Curriculum will contribute to achieving our school's mission which is to provide quality, Christ-centred education. As a result, the curriculum will:


  • Attempt to define the principles of a Christian world and life view in all areas of learning. This comprehensive program will include the following areas of study: Bible, the Language Arts, Mathematics, the Physical and Social Sciences, Physical Education, and the Fine Arts.
  • Show progression from each grade and subject to the next and demonstrate the relationship between subjects.
  • Recognize the nature of a child's growth and the developmental aspects thereof, and provide for individual differences.
  • Help the child develop into a mature citizen of God's Kingdom in contemporary society.
  • Align with the educational requirements of the Province of Ontario.



Strathroy Community Christian School

7880 Walkers Drive

Strathroy, ON N7G 3H4