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From the Desk of Mr. VanMinnen

Strength Through Christ's Sacrifice

In the first issue of the Community Connection for this school year I wrote about being brave and broken. In the end it turns out we need to be broken in order for us to be brave and follow God’s will for our lives. It is no different in the Christian school context and we have definitely experienced “brokenness” as this year has unfolded. Brokenness at school looks like students who struggle to belong (or allow others to belong), relationships that are strained and students who work hard but don’t succeed as easily as others. Does this mean we have had a bad school year because not everything went exactly how we desired? I don’t believe so.

We prayerfully asked God to expose our blind spots so that we would be stretched as a school and our resolve to follow Him would be strengthened. This may sound nice on paper, but in reality being broken into obedience is a painful process. However, this is the example Christ gave to us through His life and death. It is the Easter season as I am writing these thoughts about SCCS and its journey. At this time of year you can’t help but marvel at the suffering and sacrifice Christ made for us.

What if Christ would not have been willing to be completely broken and obedient to God? We would have no Mediator for our sins and would be without hope for our lives now and eternity. He was faithful to His task even though it required a complete brokenness.

Christ’s example should spur us on in our daily lives. Perhaps you or your family are suffering in some way too. Maybe you are struggling to pay for Christian education, getting your kids out of bed with a good attitude toward school or having your child’s needs (social, emotional, academic, spiritual) met throughout the week. Know that your Saviour cares and knows about suffering and brokenness and you can bring all your cares to Him. Strathroy Community Christian School is a willing partner and will continue to strive to follow Christ’s example in our daily work.


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